TFW Employer Responsibilities Checklist

by Nathan Couvillon

Recently ESDC has been holding webinar sessions regarding the responsibilities of employers of temporary foreign workers. In follow up they are providing attendees with the attached TFW Employer Responsibilities Checklist (can also be downloaded here).

For more information about the TFWP during COVID-19, employers can visit or call:

  • Call the Employer Contact Centre 1-866-945-7342 

ESDC has also created a new FAQ document in relation to changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program regarding COVID-19. The FAQs are intended to complement existing information posted by the Government of Canada with respect to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program; in particular, with respect to new requirements related to border measures, COVID-19 testing, quarantine, isolation and requirements for employers of TFWs. Frequently asked questions: Changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker program regarding COVID-19

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