Rapid Tests / Quick Tests Reminder

by Nathan Couvillon
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This is a reminder that the quick tests that are distributed through the Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers or Half Century Club in Leamington are NOT recommended for those that have been fully vaccinated. Here are some additional guidelines to assist you with administering the antigen rapid test swabs:

Asymptomatic COVID-19 testing for individuals who are not fully immunized or previously positive:

  • An asymptomatic individual who has been advised by local public health to get tested due to exposure to a case or as part of an outbreak investigation should be tested on or after day 7 following their last exposure. If the contact has an initial negative specimen collected on day 0 to day 6 after their last exposure, they should repeat test on or after day 7.
  • High risk contacts who are not fully immunized or previously positive must isolate for 10 days from their last exposure to a positive case regardless of negative test results. They can be released from self-isolation after day 10 if they remain asymptomatic. Should capacity allow, PHUs should follow up to ensure testing was done (i.e. verification if available or verbal confirmation). PHUs have the discretion to enhance their contact management process at the direction of their Medical Officer of Health/capacity.
  • Re-testing should be conducted if the asymptomatic individual who initially tested negative develops symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

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