PCR COVID Testing for Travel

by Nathan Couvillon
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ANTIGEN TESTS at Shoppers being accepted.

Confirm with the consulate to determine if there are any restrictions (vaccinated / non-vaccinated).

  • Mexico – workers do not require a COVID test but do need to present info to immigration when they arrive home.  The online app is available here https://www.vuelaseguro.com/login




  • Grenada – workers must have a negative PCR test within 72 hours of departure.  A travel authorization and payment for an additional test upon arrival must occur prior to travel.  Details here : https://covid19.gov.gd/travel-covid/

  • We have now received confirmation that testing is NOT required for FARM WORKERS ONLY returning to Guatemala. The Guatemalan Embassy has confirmed the following test requirements for workers returning to Guatemala:
      • Workers who have the two doses of the COVID-19, the last dose must have a minimum administration of 2 weeks before starting the trip, they do not require testing at all and can travel with their proof of vaccination.
      • Workers who are not vaccinated, can travel back to Guatemala with no PCR test, but will be required to complete a PCR test upon arrival to Guatemala and testing costs will be paid by the Ministry of Health. The Guatemalan Embassy strongly recommends that the workers complete a PCR test prior to boarding the plane in order to avoid unnecessary delays upon arrival. This recommendation also comes because in Guatemala there is a high number of cases lately.

The Provincial Government has announced that they will be subsidizing funding for Temporary Foreign Worker (TFWs) COVID-19 testing. Farm workers will not be required to pay for PCR testing that is required to return home, however should carry documentation confirming they are a farm worker to present if asked. As it relates to district-specific testing:

District 1 (Windsor-Essex County)

Leamington Collection Site will be open Monday August 30, 2021. Details are as follows:

Address: 197 Talbot Street West, Suite 203, Leamington

Assessment Hours: Monday – Friday: 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Booking: https://mlwcovidtesting.com/leamington-temp-foreign-worker-travel/

Please note that for individuals who do not have health cards, please just enter “None” or “Foreign Worker”.

Shoppers Drug Marts across Ontario – Locations can be found here

Booking: https://covid-19.shoppersdrugmart.ca/en/testing/international-outbound/on

District 2 (Remainder of Ontario)

Shoppers Drug Marts across Ontario – Locations can be found here

Booking: https://covid-19.shoppersdrugmart.ca/en/testing/international-outbound/on

A negative test result must be completed within 72-hours of departure.

Region Location Test Type Cost Result Time
District 1 *Medical Labs of Windsor

or Shoppers Drug Mart

PCR ——- < 24 h
District 2 Shoppers Drug Mart PCR, NAAT $199.00 + HST *48 h
At Departure Pearson Airport

Viscount Centre

6145 Viscount Road

5 AM – 11 PM

RT-PCR and Rapid Antigen (faster results, but not accepted by all countries*). $60.00 to $250.00 + HST RT-PCR – 12 to 24h

RT-PCR Expedited – 6h

RA – 30 min

The vaccination clinic for inbound and outbound TFW’s at the Pearson Airport will cease operations effective September 25, 2021. There have been no updates on whether the clinic will continue or if there will be an alternate site where workers can be vaccinated.

Shoppers Drug Mart aims to have results within 48 h but make no guarantee; they split the testing duties between themselves (for initial swab), then send to Life Labs to conduct analysis.

Participating Shoppers Drug Mart Locations can be found here.

Registration and booking can be accessed here.

Medical Labs of Windsor will be setting up a testing sight in the Leamington area and testing will be covered. They received word from feds that it’s covered. If they require mobile testing, then there will be a fee.

Medical Labs of Windsor free testing workers returning home; details to follow. Fees charges related to mobile testing

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