Stress Relief, Health Care and Community Supports for International Agricultural Workers (Ontario Regional Posters)

by Nathan Couvillon

The Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers (OHCOW), with funding from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), has produced 8 Ontario agricultural region posters (English and Spanish), identifying community, health care, and stress and psychosocial supports available to international agricultural workers.

Please consider sharing these resources with agricultural workers in your networks.


Bradford [DOWNLOAD] OHCOW-BradfordMentalHealthPoster-English.pdf

Brantford [DOWNLOAD] OHCOW-BrantfordBrantCountyMentalHealthPoster-English.pdf

Durham [DOWNLOAD] OHCOW-DurhamRegionMentalHealthPoster-English.pdf

Haldimand-Norfolk [DOWNLOAD] OHCOW-HaldimandNorfolkMentalHealthPoster-English.pdf

Hamilton, Carlisle, Lynden [DOWNLOAD] OHCOW-HamiltonCarlisleLyndenMentalHealthPoster-English.pdf

Niagara Region [DOWNLOAD] OHCOW-NiagaraRegionMentalHealthPoster-English.pdf

Sarnia Lambton [DOWNLOAD] OHCOW-SarniaLambtonMentalHealthPoster-English.pdf

Windsor-Essex [DOWNLOAD] OHCOW-WindsorEssexMentalHealthPoster-English.pdf



Bradford [DOWNLOAD] OHCOW-BradfordMentalHealthPoster-Spanish.pdf

Brantford [DOWNLOAD] OHCOW-BrantfordBrantCountyMentalHealthPoster-Spanish.pdf

Durham [DOWNLOAD] OHCOW-RegionDeDurhamMentalHealthPoster-Spanish.pdf

Haldimand-Norfolk [DOWNLOAD] OHCOW-HaldimandNorfolkMentalHealthPoster-Spanish.pdf

Hamilton, Carlisle, Lynden [DOWNLOAD] OHCOW-HamiltonCarlisleLyndenMentalHealthPoster-Spanish.pdf

Niagara Region [DOWNLOAD] OHCOW-RegionDeNiagaraMentalHealthPoster-Spanish.pdf

Sarnia Lambton [DOWNLOAD] OHCOW-SarniaLambtonMentalHealthPoster-Spanish.pdf

Windsor-Essex [DOWNLOAD] OHCOW-WindsorEssexMentalHealthPoster-Spanish.pdf

These posters are based on a preliminary project scan of what is currently available and accessible to agricultural workers in each region. However, if you identify any other service or support initiative that you think should be included, or if you have any additional feedback, questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to connect with Eduardo Huesca: . Updated versions of these posters will be made available later in the season.

This project will continue work to better understand stress and psychosocial factors affecting international agricultural workers, identify prevention opportunities, service and support gaps and promising practices.

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