Consulate Bunkhouse Inspections

by Nathan Couvillon
  • Mexican Consulate has begun “2021 Seasonal Housing Inspection Routine”
  • Goal: Inspect SAWP living accommodations.
  • Beginning mid-August.


  1. One or two member teams will arrive on premises
  2. Will adhere to all safety/biosafety protocols implemented by farm
  3. Only will be viewing living spaces and will be taking pictures
  • Will be trying not to disrupt regular operations.
  • Inspections are agree upon in the following documents:

a) Contract and Agreement 2021, p. 3

b) Questions & Answers Booklet, p. 2

  • Mexican consulate can review bunkhouses any time even though they may already be approved by the MOH.
  • FARMS is recommending no hesitation and grant these requests.
  • This goes for all countries participating in the program.

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