Isolation Guidelines: Symptomatic vs Asymptomatic (fully & not fully vaccinated)

by Nathan Couvillon
Latest Update:
  • People can resume their regular activities if they receive two negative rapid test results separated by 24 to 48 hours and if their symptoms improve for 24 hours.
  • TFW’s must isolate for full 10 days due to congregate living situation.

Fully Vaccinated – Symptomatic

If you have:

  • Fever, chills
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Decrease smell
  • Two or more of: runny nose or nasal congestion, headache, extreme fatigue, sore throat, muscles aches or joint pain, vomiting / diarrhea

and are fully vaccinated and otherwise healthy (or under the age of 12), then

  • You and anyone you live with must isolate for 5 days
  • End isolation after five days ONLY if your symptoms have improved for at least 24 hours and you follow public health measure (masking, distancing)

Fully Vaccinated – Asymptomatic
  • Isolate for at least 24 hours (or 48 hours if the symptoms affect the digestive system)

Not Fully Vaccinated
  • Not fully vaccinated or have a compromised immune system
  • You MUST isolate for 10 days


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