COVID-19 Testing Resources

by Dr. Justine Taylor

General Testing Comments

OGVG members should endeavor to make testing available to any of their employees who are interested. Details on testing facilities can be found below. We caution that testing is only one aspect of a comprehensive prevention and control strategy, and we continue to advise you to adhere to strict workplace policies. These policies include physical distancing where possible, use of physical barriers, increased sanitation and PPE use. We also support operational changes, such as staggered shifts, amenity scheduling, additional on-farm services and cohorting or bubbling of your workforce (see PHAC Guidance). These measures are in addition to a robust workplace communication strategy, screening and monitoring protocols for all employees and visitors, and a comprehensive response plan, if positive detections are made on-farm. Further information on public health and workplace planning can be found on the OGVG website.

We urge you to discuss the benefits of testing with your workforce and to recognize there will be fears and stigma associated with testing and positive test results. It is important you reassure your workers that they will receive support while in Canada if they are found to be COVID positive. It is also important to recognize that there may be cultural fears related to institutionalized medicine, these must be addressed. Both OGVG and OMAFRA have developed posters to help encourage employees to undergo testing. They are available in multiple languages. It is CRITICAL that all employees be encouraged to report ANY symptoms as soon as possible and that these should be immediately reported to the health unit. Early detection is the key to avoiding spread.

A reminder that testing is voluntary and employees can not be forced to be tested.

COVID-19 Assessment Centres

As you have likely heard, as of Friday testing is by appointment only. Appointments can start to be made today at most centres. Please check the following to locate your nearest centre and book and appointment:

Niagara Resources

Health unit guidelines.

Essex County Resources

Erie Shores HealthCare Testing Guidance

While the testing center is no longer open, the following video (in English and Spanish) can be shared with your workforce for more details on the testing process. ESHC Testing FAQs

COVID-19 Assessment Centre-City of Windsor

Windsor’s COVID-19 Assessment Centre is located at the Windsor Regional Hospital Ouellette Campus with its entrance off Goyeau Street (located to the left of the Emergency Department entrance). Please note there is NO access from the main hospital into the Assessment Centre. All access is from the entrance off Goyeau Street.

There will be no medication or treatment onsite at the COVID-19 Assessment Centre.

Every day (Monday to Sunday)
9AM to 4PM

Windsor Regional Hospital Ouellette Campus
1030 Ouellette Avenue, Windsor
Entrance from Goyeau Street, to the left of the Emergency Department

COVID-19 Assessment Centre: Town of Leamington

Essex County’s COVID-19 Assessment Centre is located at Erie Shores HealthCare (ESHC) at the ambulatory clinic off Fader Street in a segregated area next to the ESHC emergency department. Please note, there will be NO access into the main hospital from this entrance and NO access to the COVID-19 Assessment Centre directly from the main hospital.  The only point of access is from the entrance off Fader Street.

There will be no medication or treatment onsite at the COVID-19 Assessment Centre.

Every day (Monday to Sunday)
8AM to 4PM (there will be no new assessments after 3:30 p.m.)

Erie Shores HealthCare
194 Talbot Street West, Leamington
Entrance from Fader Street, segregated area next to the Emergency Department

Erie Shores Healthcare in Leamington has provided the following clarity on their assessment centre:

  • The 8-9 AM hour is reserved for our pre-op patients (OR pts must come into a ‘clean environment’ in the morning, some may be immunocompromised, there cannot be any testing for the public prior to 9 AM)
  • ESHC is not turning the public away but knowing in advance a group is coming and having all the info to pre-register streamlines the process and makes it more efficient for both the growers groups and the assessment centre
    • To schedule groups 10 persons or larger the farms should call 519-326-2373 ext 4263 M-F with at least 48 hours advance notice so the info to pre-register workers can be obtained timely and in advance, as this expedites the process.  Annette Scott is the contact at ESHC until August 21 (appropriate contact information beyond August 21 will shared closer to the date).
  • ESHC does not provide transportation to or from the Assessment Centre, that is the responsibility of the grower.

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