COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Testing Kits

by Nathan Couvillon


As a supplemental tool to the COVID-19 Workplace Safety Plan you have developed and implemented in your operations, the Abbott Labs Panbio Rapid Antigen Screening Test Kit is available for you. This can be another useful tool to incorporate into daily employee screening. This test can be conducted on yourself, by yourself, eliminating the requirement for hiring an on-site Health Care Practitioner (HCP).

How to get kits

  1. Navigate to the Leamington Chamber of Commerce website.
  2. Complete the PASP Agreement.
  3. Select your preferred pickup location, date, and time.
  4. *Report Results through the Chamber of Leamington website (ie. Number of tests conducted, amount that were negative/positive).


  1. Designate an employee as the Sample Supervisor.
  2. Watch and log (date, time, initial) the training video.
  3. Gather kits (25 samples per kit).
  4. Conduct test at workplace:
    • Fill each clear tube (white cone cap) with fluid contained in the dropper bottle. Fill to the line at the bottom of the tube. Place in cardboard holder.
    • Using 1 swab, swab both nostrils 5 x’s (approximately 2 cm into nostril).
    • Place swab in tube with liquid, cutting the end of the swab.
    • Screw blue cap onto tube.
    • Remove Rapid Test Device and drop samples (through hole covered by white cap) onto the circular sample region of device. Wait 15 minutes.


Negative: A single line at the ‘C’ region.

Positive: A line at both the C and T regions.

Inconclusive: A single line at the ‘T’ region. Redo test.

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