UPDATE: TFW Vaccination Plan – 04/22/2021 – Chatham-Kent Public Health

by Nathan Couvillon

Find below an update from CKPHU regarding TFW vaccination plan:

For those that have already done so, thank you for filling out the CK Public Health Employer Survey for temporary foreign agricultural workers (TFAWs). If you haven’t filled out the survey yet, please fill out the survey (https://chkmkt.com/TFAWvaccination) so that we have all the information needed for your location.  This will help us with our planning for the vaccine rollout.


I (Lyndsay Davidson –  lyndsayd@chatham-kent.ca) will be calling each farm to have a discussion about the process of providing vaccines for your TFAW’s onsite at your location. I will be making these calls over the next two weeks. If there is someone specific that I should be connecting with by phone, please indicate who that person is.  These calls will provide us with a chance to discuss our process, location for vaccines that will work for you, and answer any questions that you have.


A few updates to help you know where we are at with our vaccines:

  • At this time we are only vaccinating your TFAWs.  All other staff will fall under the second part of Phase two of the vaccine rollout plan (we are currently in the first stage of phase one) for workers who cannot work from home – agriculture.  We know that this isn’t ideal, but at this time we have a very limited vaccine supply in our community that requires us to prioritize how it is being used.
  • For local staff, once we reach the second half of phase 2, we will open booking appointments through our online system or call-in lines (information can be found here both for the booking number/online form as well as who is eligible https://ckphu.com/covid-19-vaccine/) at our Bradley Centre Clinic.  Information will be shared through our health unit social media accounts, newspaper, and radio formats.  Please encourage your staff to watch for this.  Once these spots are open, your staff will be able to book individually OR you will be able to book multiple staff into the clinics at a specific time using one account.  In the meantime, if you have staff that are interested, the provincial government has announced that anyone over the age of 40 is able to receive a vaccine at participating pharmacies.  Staff that are interested could book an appointment through them and if we are able to get the vaccines done sooner than the pharmacies are, the appointments could be cancelled and workers could receive the vaccine through us.  You may also have staff that are able to receive their vaccination through their primary care providers.
  • Starting next weekend, any TFAW that are receiving their 10 day swab will also have the opportunity to receive their vaccine at the same time while isolating.  We will be offering this as a combined program. For workers that are being tested this weekend, we will vaccinate them when we come to the farms to do any other workers that are already onsite.


Before we chat, please:

1. Get a general sense of the number of TFAWs who intend to be vaccinated. This can be as simple of knowing the total number of workers and a rough idea of how many would like the have the vaccine.  We know that this number might change but a rough idea will help with planning.  We are not asking you to collect consent – only intent for vaccination. Informed consent will be collected at the time of vaccination. We also do not require you to collect or provide us with any personal medical information or any other information about the worker.


2. Help build vaccine confidence and willingness to be vaccinated by sharing the resources attached to this email with your workers. These resources, and more, can also be found on our webpage, here (click for link).

      • Choose the language that is relevant to your TFAWs
      • Share the materials with your TFAWs – print, post, provide the link to them directly
      • Provide them with this information as soon as you can – people need time to process information and ask questions. If TFAWs have medical questions about vaccine eligibility, support them to get their questions answered by a health care provider
      • If you’d like to provide your TFAWs with more information, please contact us at CK Public Health.


Vaccination of TFAWs is important to help protect your farm and business and we hope to vaccinate as many TFAWs as are willing. Vaccination is a personal choice but you as an employer can help your workers make an informed decision about getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Your actions in supporting the COVID-19 vaccination matters for your workers.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.  I can be reached by email at lyndsayd@chatham-kent.ca or by phone at the office at 519-352-7270 ext 2478 or my cell phone at 226-229-1243. We look forward to working with you.

Find below resources to help reduce vaccine hesitancy, and ensure that your workforce is able to make an informed decision about getting the COVID-19 vaccine:

DOWNLOAD English COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

DOWNLOAD Spanish COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

DOWNLOAD Tagalog COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

DOWNLOAD Thai COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

DOWNLOAD Vietnamese COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

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