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by Nathan Couvillon

Disclaimer: OGVG does not endorse any of the products or services advertised below.

Greefa Sorter (4 Lane, 24 Drops)
  • Has always been used for Greenhouse Tomatoes, but has the bigger cups that will accept Peppers.
  • We believe the machine is a 1993 model, but we do have software discs that are dated 2014.
  • Priced Right ‐ Looking for quick sale

For additional information, please call Jay at (519)‐796‐1010.

Aweta GSM 2009 4/22+1 Pepper grader. (currently ready to ship)

Hello All, We are selling a very nice Aweta Pepper/Tomato pack line with a KOAT stacker. Here is the description of the line if anyone is interested:

  • Aweta Troodon control system with camera.
  • 4 lanes 22 drops +1.
  • Includes Aweta AT weigh scales.
  • Includes return belt under exits for rejected product
  • Includes two 2009 KOAT plate palletizers with belts from the first 14 exits.
  • Includes Number 2 table and conveyors feeding it.
  • Does not include the main electrical transformer, bin dumping system, PLU, or PTI systems.
  • Available now for pickup in Leamington.
  • $399,000.00 Cdn funds.

Additional information available if required, please call (519)-999-9567 to learn more.



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